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Fact or Fiction
A single Irish gay living and writing in Paris, France, in a sin-spired style crossing Jane Austen with Quentin Crisp. A taste of gritty real-life drama from the gay scene, made to sparkle with the glamor of Dynasty. Exclusive previews of the latest masterpiece Pride and Partiality
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http://www.itsnotreallyhappening.blogspot.com - Details

la vie ou l'avis de Thierry du Var
Blog in French. I'm e French guy form the French Riviera and I'm speaking about a lot of things, depending of my mood. My items : guys - cars - pictures - books - cooking - news - way of life - ...
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http://thierry.abysses.net - Details

San Sargasso
Contemplative writings on life and the arts.
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http://www.sansargasso.com/ - Details

Blog of DM
Filmmaker/producer. Weekday updates with gossip, entertainment news, thoughts and insights.
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http://dmburrows.blogspot.com/ - Details

The personal weblog of eric wilcox, covering such diverse topics as art history, book arts, and popular music.
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http://www.joethelion.org/ - Details

Exploring and describing Queer Culture in the 49th state ... Alaska.
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http://www.queerfrontier.com - Details

Exoteric 3
Browse the weblog of a cute gay boi in N.O. La. who likes philosophy.
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http://exoteric.blogspot.com/ - Details

Rupaul : Weblog
Rupaul's blog - official weblog from Rupaul
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http://www.rupaul.com/weblog.shtml - Details

Personel musings on Life,Arts Politics,my life in the theatre and whatever else takes my fancy. From a 40+ guy in Canada.
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http://btalbot.blogspot.com/ - Details

In Sequence: Comics, Graphic Arts, Obsessions
A weblog on the sequential arts by Teresa Ortega. Commentary on comic books, animation, video games, graphic arts, and design. Contains writing and pictures about lesbians in relation to the above listed topics from a lesbian perspective.
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http://www.insequence.org/ - Details

Featuring free video clips, porn news and the hottest pics from the best gay pay sites on the net.
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http://spunkled.com - Details

Queer Day
News, Personals and More
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http://www.queerday.com/ - Details

A Maverick's Odyssey 3.0
Photo journal of an expat's life in Montevideo, Uruguay, South America.
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http://www.amavericko.com - Details

Queerty is a premiere blog delivering a daily mix of all things gay: style and fashion, news and politics, entertainment and celebrities and travel and nightlife.
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http://www.queerty.com/ - Details

Musings From Middle England
UK Politics, News, Arts and Trivia Plus The Adventures of Carlo - the blog with the built in soap
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http://goinguphill.blogspot.com/ - Details

Dandies, drag, des arts... A working-class dandy considers hys world.
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http://jackadandy.net/blog/blog.html - Details

Big Black Blog
The musings of a black, same gender loving (gay) man on life, love, sex, religion, race, politics, the arts and whatever else comes to mind, from a progressive, global point of view.
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http://thebigblackblog.blogspot.com/ - Details