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Asian Twink Blog 3.0
Free asian twink galleries, gay asian site and movie reviews
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Gay Bloggers
The purpose of GB Tribe and Friends is to create a forum where bloggers can ask questions about blogging, get help, give advice, meet other bloggers and read their blogs, and discuss GB Tribe-related topics.
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Best Gay Galleries
Everything gay. Hot twinks,jocks,and muscular guys. We have it all.
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Rainbow Lives
Lives, a list of 3,500+ lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer lives.
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Twink Video Blog
Free daily twink video galleries, site links and site reviews, new twink site announcements, best twink dvds and videos.
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My Twink Blog
Twinks twinks and more twinks. Hot guys waiting to show off for you. If you like twinks this is your kind of blog
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Go Go Boy Diary
A diary of the on going adventures of a Go Go Boy in San Diego California. Thoughts, perspectives, opinions, and ongoing internal dialogue made public for your entertainment.
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HIV/AIDS Blogs 5.0
Learn about being POZ through a HIV positive guy's weblog. See what issues, fears and worries may be sparked or rested. Feel free to comment.
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Wonder Blog
A young gay male living in Baltimore, Maryland.
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Gay Creampie
Galleries of Hot Studs Getting Their Asses Filled With Creamy Sperm!
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Guy Dads
Two gay dads, their six children, and life on the town. Plus a dose of social action and gay activism.
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Difficult Sister
Just a day in the life of your average 20-something, just-graduated, university-educated dyke still trying to find her way... left wing politics, lesbians, queer stuff, writing, literature, economics, dykes, rants, toronto.
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Sax and the City 3.0
I'm a twenty-something living in Liverpool. I'm gay. I'm single.
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Bear By Nature - A voyeur's dream
This is my blog...a somewhat revealing look into my life as I attempt to transform from average 30-something gay guy to a hot sexy musclebear fag about town
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Boi From Troy
"I'm a 6'1"", 176 lb., 30 year-old, gay male, Republican, sports fan living in West Hollywood, California and sharing my thoughts on politics, sports and gayness with the world. Feel free to share your thoughts!"
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Featuring free video clips, porn news and the hottest pics from the best gay pay sites on the net.
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Gay Orbit
Gay News, Rumors, men, and snark.
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A personal weblog of a thirtysomething gay man in the Midwest.
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SF Gate
News and Information for the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Big Black Blog
The musings of a black, same gender loving (gay) man on life, love, sex, religion, race, politics, the arts and whatever else comes to mind, from a progressive, global point of view.
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